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Author: Linda Jane Holden

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Release Date: 07-12-2021

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This fascinating story of an American style icon Bunny Mellon, an art collector and philanthropist with her husband Paul Mellon, reveals how her style developed and how she became a self-confident, hands-on designer of homes and gardens in a privileged world.
“Everyone copies her, everyone references her, including me.” ―Tory Burch, from the Foreword.
“To be blasé about Bunny Mellon should make you resign from whatever business you are in.” ―Billy Baldwin, from Billy Baldwin: An Autobiography.
Bunny Mellon Style is the intimate story of one of the most unintentionally influential women of twentieth-century design. Learn how her style developed, take a look inside the family homes she designed, get the flavor of her collaborations with French designers of fashion and jewelry, and begin to understand her vast and lasting influence on the world of design.
Original research by the authors uncovered Mrs. Mellon’s personal writings and correspondences. They talked with people who knew her, who were employed by her, and who spent time in her home and gardens. From published works, they extracted information about personal relationships between Mrs. Mellon and Jackie Kennedy Onasis, designers Billy Baldwin, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and more. Blending stories and accounts from such a wide variety of viewpoints results in a unique perspective of this extraordinary woman who moved in the upper echelon of society but preferred not to be noticed in the public eye. This book reveals Mrs. Mellon’s style in furnishings, art, and collectibles; her dietary habits and penchant for picnics; her personal investment in designing every aspect of her homes, secondary buildings, and gardens. Come away with the highest regard for a woman who was disciplined and self-taught, who loved learning from historic texts, who was accomplished in myriad ways, and who was as utterly unpretentious and down-to-earth.
A foreword by her grandson Thomas Lloyd is both surprising and warm.
An abundance of imagery is used, including professional and archival photography, watercolors, whimsical hand drawings, and sketches.
Cover © 2021 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris. Used with permission of Isabelle Rey.


“Speaking of tastemakers with buzzworthy Sotheby’s sales, chances are even your most privileged friends would envy the collection of legendary socialite, horticulturalist, and tastemaker Bunny Mellon. Inspire them with a forthcoming tome on her many stylish residences.”
— Hadley Keller ―
House Beautiful Published On: 2021-09-13

“Never short on on entertaining stories of life with Bunny, [the authors] share details that cannot be found from mere research and interviews. They reveal the real Bunny Mellon and her original approach to true style.”

Country Zest Published On: 2021-10-10

About the Author

Linda Jane Holden is the author of The Gardens of Bunny Mellon, first published in October 2018 and now in its 4th printing. Thomas Lloyd, grandson of Bunny Mellon is President of the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, which was established by Bunny Mellon to honor her father. Bryan Huffman is an interior designer based in Charlotte, NC with a client base that spans the East Coast and extends into Texas.

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