Video Smart: Make smartphone videos like a pro by Pelpina Trip


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PUB: October 06, 2020


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Video Smart: Make smartphone videos like a pro, is a practical 5-step guide to creating effective business videos with the one camera that’s always on you: your smartphone.

From creating professional shots, to applying the right light and audio techniques, to implementing effective video plans and to being more comfortable in front of a camera, this guide will teach you it all. When it comes to digital video and web marketing Video Smart is the book that gets you ready for the future.

Pelpina has tested and selected the best video apps and production tools for you and shows you how to optimize your video for publishing it to social media. And all you need is your phone. In detailed steps she will show you how to optimize your videos for YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Video Smart is both for iPhone and Android users, anyone who wants to learn how to make videos with a smartphone. Whether you are marketing or communication professional, entrepreneur, teacher, mobile journalist or simply interested in making videos for social platforms, Video Smart is the guide to help your videos get noticed.

Talking to a camera is not natural for most of us. In this smartphone video guide, Pelpina shows you simple steps to overcome camera fear and gain more confidence when you are presenting in front of the camera. Video Smart also guides you through interview techniques, storytelling methods and provides practical tips on how to capture people naturally.

This guide in online video lays the foundation for making business videos with your phone in five steps. You always start with a basic video plan (chapter 1). After that, shoot your video using the filming tips from chapter 2. While standing in front of the camera, always keep your ideal viewer in mind (chapter 3). Then you edit the video simply with an app on your phone (chapter 4). Because you had a clear video plan, you can now also place and optimize your video on the right platform (chapter 5).

Every chapter in this book has a unique intro video by Pelpina where she gives you a peak behind the scenes of smartphone video creation. So grab your phone, and follow Pelpina to learn her tips, tricks and effective methods to creating engaging videos with impact.

Pelpina has an extensive background in TV/video production and online video marketing. You can find her in front of her (smartphone) camera, testing new gear and finding the best video apps every day. Pelpina is an experienced trainer and speaker, and has worked with thousands of professionals to create videos with smartphones.

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