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About Us

Who We Are

Fast growing ecommerce company.

Webdelico.com is one of the fast growing e-commerce organization in USA. With over 25000 products and over 6 types of distinct services webdelico has set the bar for e-commerce footprint of USA and sri lanka. Our primary goal to provide a world class service who shop online. Webdelico was formed in 2018 and it’s principals were set by a single entrepreneur. Since then growth of webdelico has been exponential with global presence and work force over 16 skilled employees in USA and Sri Lanka.  The extensive range of products combined with its impeccable professional standards has created a satisfied and loyal customer base. It is innovations inspired by the company’s spirit of creativity and passion that has resulted in its unprecedented success.


Amazing Features

Fast delivery

we’re committed to bringing you the best products, at the lowest prices, with the highest level of customer service possible.…

Customer Satisfaction

We’ve been a proud member of the online sales channels community since 2018. Since then, we’ve received lot of positive…

Service after sales

This 60-day grace period, double the industry standard of a 30-days return…

Our Skills

What We Do


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What We Offer

Ecommerce services

It is our goal to allow for consumers to be making rewarding purchases, in both quality…

Web development and Marketing

We have highly experienced team to provide your eCommerce project on time. We have built so many eCommerce sites according to the clients needs.

Classifieds and News blogs

Classifieds are our another business area that we are focusing since 2005. we have growing marketplaces in USA , Australia , India and Sri Lanka.

Product Import And Export

We are already stepped in to export and import business and implementing a new strategy to growing with USA and Sri Lankan market.

What we are focusing ?

We have a vision and already started our mission to succeeded.


Latest Posts

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A desktop computer is a computer that is designed to stay in a single location. It may be a tower or an all-in-one PC.

Our Team

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Beverly B Miner

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Scott M Davis

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