Marriage in Islam Paperback – April 10, 2016 by Mukund Guru (Ed.)

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Author: Guru (Ed.) Mukund

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Author: Guru (Ed.) Mukund

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Release Date: 10-04-2016

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This book comes into existence for the sole purpose of illuminating the masses, those within and without Islam about the concepts in Islam related to a topic that has been given a pride of place in the Islamic way of life. Although a certain stigma seems to have attached to the idea of sex, Islam holds marriage in the highest regard. It is however, an institute that is no stranger to criticisms. Be it the burning issues of subjugation of women in Islamic societies or the barbaric, archaic methods of punishing those that indulge in prohibited activities within or outside marriage, certain Islamic practices have naturally been at the receiving end of the collective disgust of many.In this book, however, we have abstained from expurgation, thereby approaching each sub-topic within the broader umbreallas from both points of view, classical and modern. In order to highlight the sheer variety of the culture that has its roots in the middle east, we have included marital practices from countries as varied as India/Pakistan to Indonesia/Malay in order for our readers to understand the great diversity that Islam is capable of fostering.
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Mukund Guru, MA is the editor of IndusWords Knowledge Series

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