The Truth is Always Negotiable Paperback – November 5, 2021 by Ernie Dorling

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Author: Dorling Ernie

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Ann Banks, the first woman elected president of the United States, and a member of the independent party, harbors a dark secret. She finds herself being blackmailed by a member of Russian organized crime, who have discovered this secret, putting both the safety of her lover, and her presidency, in jeopardy, just days before she is sworn in as president.
Connecticut State Police detective, Sandi DeCarlo, is tasked with investigating a death at the governor’s mansion, just days before the inauguration. Joining forces with the members of the U.S. intelligence community, DeCarlo finds herself caught in a deadly game of political intrigue, not knowing who is friend or enemy, as she races against time to keep the new president’s secret – a secret, and herself, from becoming collateral damage.
The story unravels at a fast pace and is set against a backdrop that includes spirited dialogue surrounding both sides of the many political and social issues making headlines today.
Imagine a world where the people of the United States got fed up with both political parties and elected an independent candidate President.
It should be noted the independent candidate also is the first woman to be elected President.
One of her biggest proposed policies includes term limits for politicians, something both the Republicans and Democrats deeply oppose.
While the President-elect is a woman of integrity whose intentions are to unite the divided people of the country, she is not without secrets. And perhaps her biggest secret falls into the hands of members of the Russian underworld just weeks before her inauguration.
They intend to blackmail her so they can have access to her Presidency. Dorling also exhibits quite a bit of political commentary from the point of view of the President-elect – a pragmatic person tired of the two extreme sides of politics having the loudest national voices.
Another thing Dorling does well is keeping the plot moving. Every time he adds a new twist or wrinkle, it’s not something you have to wait long to get a conclusion for, he tackles the issue quickly – then introduces a new one!
Dorling builds suspense then delivers with an exciting finish that will keep you turning pages in anticipation of the conclusion.
– Tim Walters, Florida Today
About the Author
Ernie Dorling spent 27-years in law enforcement. He taught criminal justice for 16-years at the University of New Haven.Ernie is the author of the textbook, Criminal Investigation, a Practitioner’s Approach, and true crime novel, Murder: A Family Affair, depicted on Discovery ID. Ernie currently resides in FL.

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