LEVIATHAN Paperback – July 9, 2019 by James Byron Huggins

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PUB:  July 09, 2019

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Author: Huggins James Byron

Brand: Wildblue Press

Package Dimensions: 28x216x699

Number Of Pages: 480

Release Date: 09-07-2019

Details: Product Description
On an Icelandic Island, an illegal experiment intended to create the perfect biological weapon has transformed a once-innocent creature into the biblical Leviathan that once terrorized the world. Able to shatter steel and granite as easily as it can melt the strongest containment shields, Leviathan escapes from its pen and is loose in a vast underground chamber harboring soldiers and scientists.
The installation cannot allow Leviathan to reach the surface. For if Leviathan reaches the world, it could well be the end of the Earth. They must hold the line, here, and destroy it… even if they must detonate a last-chance nuclear failsafe built into the chamber itself. But, first, they must fight with every weapon at their disposal to discover if the beast can be killed at all.
It is a battle many will not survive.
As soldiers and scientists are vaporized by Leviathan’s hellish flame, or ripped apart by the dragon’s claws and fangs, a lone electrical engineer is forced to join the fight. And in the midst of what might well be the last battle for Mankind, Connor must find a way – any way – to save his family and kill this powerful, bloodthirsty Beast of Legend that has never been killed before.
Before it feasts upon the world.
About the Author
James Byron Huggins was a decorated police detective in Huntsville, Alabama, when he published his first novel, Wolf Story, to international acclaim. He left the force to write full time, and his subsequent novels The Reckoning, Cain, and Hunter all met with national and international praise. After two of his books were optioned for more a million dollars each, he left writing to work on films. Now back to writing, he lives in North Carolina.

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