Transcending Karma: The Initiation by a Great Master Paperback – October 27, 2016 by Ilona Mill

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PUB: October 27, 2016

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Author: Mill Ilona

Package Dimensions: 17x229x513

Number Of Pages: 296

Release Date: 27-10-2016

Details: QUITE SMALL AND WITH NOTHING, ENTERING INTO TRANSCENDENCE Elevation and Mutation of consciousnessIlona has never been in search of someone to guide her spiritually. To her, the words “spiritual guide” are vague and she gives them no thought. Her studies do not lead her down such a path, and her passion, her sensitivity to music and the “beau geste” express themselves through ice dancing, an activity she practices diligently.One spring evening, after a training, a stranger comes to her, polite, distinguished-looking, a gentleman, and asks if he can take a seat at the table where she is relaxing a moment before returning home.She is unaware that he is a Great Spiritual Master, in complete anonymity, and quickly forgets the encounter.Yet, six years later, the Master Manifests to Ilona in spirit, opening the doors to an Immense School of Love of Life…at the Origin of All Life. And so begins, in the Elevation of Consciousness Guided by the Spirit of this Great Master-Consciousness of God, an Initiation Transcending Karma, as Deep as it is Vast between the Cosmic Divine, the human being, the Earth and the world.Today, Transcending Karma is the Work Desired by this Great Spiritual Master.Page after page the soul takes a pause, opens up and grows in elevation. Together we walk the sands bordering the Ocean of oceans, the One.We are so close that we can nearly palpate His Divine and Cosmic Nature-of-Spirit.God, Source of the Immense Soul of the Universe, of the soul of everything that lives on Earth, our soul included, is but Serenity, Love, Happiness and Joy.

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