The Subtle Knife Graphic Novel (His Dark Materials)





Author: Pullman Philip

Color: Multicolor

Package Dimensions: 0x0x567

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 22-02-2022

Details: Product Description
This graphic novel adaptation of The Subtle Knife is a great entry point for readers new to the remarkable world of His Dark Materials and an exciting new look at the classic from Philip Pullman.

The stunning full-color art in this graphic novel offers both new and returning readers a chance to experience the story of Lyra, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary role to play in the fates of multiple worlds, in an entirely new way.

The Subtle Knife, Lyra steps into a new world and meets Will–a boy on the run, a murderer–a worthy and welcome ally. For this is a world where soul-eating Specters stalk the streets and witches share the skies with troops of angels.

Each is searching–Lyra for the meaning of Dark Matter, Will for his missing father–but what they find instead is a deadly secret, a knife of untold power. And neither Lyra nor Will suspects how tightly their lives, their loves, their destinies are bound together…until they are split apart.
About the Author
PHILIP PULLMAN is best known for the His Dark Materials trilogy, which has been named one of the top 100 books of all time by
Newsweek and one of the all-time greatest novels by
Entertainment Weekly. Pullman was knighted for services to literature in the 2019 New Year Honours.

Philip Pullman lives in Oxford, England. To learn more, please visit or follow him on Facebook at Philip Pullman author, and on Twitter at @PhilipPullman.

STÉPHANE MELCHIOR has worked as a screenwriter for both film and television. Recently, he turned his creative energies toward comics, penning both original stories and adaptations, including Raiju and Raiden with Loïc Sécheresse and an adaptation of The Great Gatsby with Benjamin Bachelier.

THOMAS GILBERT spent a year studying the fine arts in Paris and three more at the Saint-Luc Institute in Brussels, specializing in comics. His primary influences came from L’Association, which taught him the importance of the author’s perspective in developing a narrative.

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