The Eye of the Storm Hardcover – March 2, 2021 by Salidor Christoffel Coetzee

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PUB: March 02, 2021

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A Quest for Truth This book is dedicated to the world’s most vulnerable people who suffer from atrocities stemming from wars, poverty, addictions, and foremost those who were infected by or died because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. A virus that was created in and originating from China, Wuhan City in the Hubei province. The virus spread rapidly, creating immense havoc across the globe, sparing no country or human being, a virus without borders, with devastating effects. It is time for introspection and reflection, a time for a psychological and spiritual makeover, time to remove idols from our midst and honour one God, the God of Adam and Eve, God of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac, God the oneness. The story of Abraham is retold in the book from a Christian biblical perspective, but more so from a Muslim belief, the Quran perspective, a constructive attempt to align and bridge the divides between nations during these difficult, testing times. Through the book, the author fulfils that commitment and promise made as a young boy to God, to spread God’s message of hope and love into the world, to bridge the cultural divide, to promote care for the poor and homeless. Similar to the COVID-19 coronavirus, God’s grace, love, and forgiveness have no borders. The world is in desperate need of spiritual cure and revival, across borders. It is a world in constant chaos and turmoil instigated and promulgated by politicians, and business and country leaders’ ethical misbehaviour across the globe, hearts and minds contaminated by a deadly infected ‘cancerous’ disease for example lust, arrogance, and greed, fraudulent and corrupt hearts and minds, an extremism philosophy and theology in its own right. The author sadly lost his wife in 2010 due to breast cancer. In 2011, he was on the verge of becoming a tramp in the streets of South Africa. Yes, a highly qualified individual with years of experience as a financial manager in a big corporate company, with 8 years high-level academic accomplishments. If people ask him, ‘How was it possible?’ he will tell them it is very possible; it all depends on every individual’s personal circumstances. God the Oneness knows every hair on your head, He loves and cares about you anyway, wherever and whatever you are. The author lived and worked for seven years of his career as a cost engineer for a large oil-and-gas company in Saudi Arabia. He also previously worked as financial manager for a joint-venture oil-and-gas company in Iran, Arya Sasol Polymer Company (ASPC), a joint-venture company with 50 per cent ownership from oil-and-gas company National Petroleum Company (NPC), Iran and 50 per cent ownership from oil-and-gas company Sasol South Africa. Both companies were represented on the ASPC board by three directors, respectively. He had the joy and fulfilment of visiting many countries during his short life, apart from working and living in Saudi Arabia and Iran. A journey always has a starting and a finishing point, starting life from fertilisation to an unborn fruit in the womb of your mother until you pass on to something much bigger and better, eternal life, heavenly freedom and peace in the presence of God, the Creator and oneness. In the book, Saudi Arabia and Iran are extensively discussed to provide insight to the reader. The two countries are uniquely different, but in many ways the same. The author attempts to give the reader a glimpse of life as an expatriate worker in both countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran-a journey never to forget or to regret, a humble, faithful, committed contribution to mankind, in a dynamic and diverse way, in a dynamic and diverse multicultural environment. In some instances, the author feels obliged to speak the truth, and only the truth, because truth matters, for the sake of reflection, admission, repentance, and necessary corrective action by business leaders, politicians, and governments alike, to take a leaf from the author’s book of life….

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