The Every: A novel Paperback – November 16, 2021 by Dave Eggers

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PUB: November 16, 2021

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Author: Eggers Dave

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Release Date: 16-11-2021

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From the award-winning, bestselling author of The Circle comes an exciting new follow-up. When the world’s largest search engine/social media company, the Circle, merges with the planet’s dominant ecommerce site, it creates the richest and most dangerous—and, oddly enough, most beloved—monopoly ever known: the Every.

Delaney Wells is an unlikely new hire at the Every. A former forest ranger and unwavering tech skeptic, she charms her way into an entry-level job with one goal in mind: to take down the company from within. With her compatriot, the not-at-all-ambitious Wes Makazian, they look for the Every’s weaknesses, hoping to free humanity from all-encompassing surveillance and the emoji-driven infantilization of the species. But does anyone want what Delaney is fighting to save? Does humanity truly want to be free?

Studded with unforgettable characters, outrageous outfits, and lacerating set-pieces, this companion to
The Circle blends abusrdity and terror, satire and suspense, while keeping the reader in apprehensive excitement about the fate of the company—and the human animal.


“(A) great-grandchild of Zamyatin’s
We, but now the ‘perfect society’ is Silicon Valley. Be careful what you wish for!”
—Margaret Atwood, via Twitter
“Daringly explodes cherished assumptions . . . A riveting, astute, darkly hilarious, and deeply unnerving speculative saga.”
—Booklist (starred review)
“Hilarious and horrifying and idealistic. An unusual combination in a novel, or in anything else, really, but here the necessary result of a powerful writer taking on much of what matters most to our future.”
—Mohsin Hamid, author of
Exit West
“The novel’s perspective on Big Tech may strike some people as excessively dire, but it comes from a place of genuine concern: Eggers is careful to limit the intrusion of technology into his own life. . . . And it’s also worth reading the book precisely because it lays out the worst-case scenario of technology that caters to the public’s growing taste for self-optimization, convenience, and a life without guilt.”
—Sarah Todd,
Quartz“The novel follows two employees of The Every who try to dismantle the company from the inside. In order to do some of his own dismantling, Eggers has MacGyvered a unique distribution strategy so that pub-date hardcover copies of his book will be exclusively available through independent booksellers.”
—The Millions

“Eggers takes his probing social criticism-via-the-novel approach to the all pervasive world of social media, as we follow the deeply tech-averse Delaney Wells’ attempt to take down the eponymous surveillance corporation from within. Extra plaudits to Eggers for making the difficult IRL decision to not sell his new book in hardcover on Amazon (it will be available only at independent bookstores).”
—Lit Hub

The Every follows through not only on the world Dave Eggers created in
The Circle, but on the absurd and alarming world we’ve created for ourselves. With oracular precision, he takes us on a journey equal parts terrifying and human and hilarious. This is Eggers at the top of his game.”
—Rebecca Makkai, Pulitzer Prize finalist for The Great Believers

“Unforgettable. With brilliant humor and enormous suspense,
The Every examines how technology is indelibly redefining what it means to be human, and how it already has.”
—Van Jones, CNN contributor and author of Beyond the Messy Truth“I don’t know what’s more frightening: Dave Eggers’s relentlessly inventive worldbuilding of a pseudo-virtuous surveillance economy run monopolistically amok, or that his near-future dystopian satire may be a more naturalistic rendering of our present than we’d like to admit. Novels like
The Every—equal parts comic entertainment and ominous explication—are one of our best means of resisting the dehumanizing seductions all around us and imagining a better world.”
—Teddy Wayne, author of Apartment“Goddamn, it’s real good.”
—Emerson Whitney, author of Heav

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