The Diary of Jesus Christ Paperback – March 17, 2021 by Bill Cain


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PUB: March 17, 2021

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Author: Cain Bill

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Release Date: 17-03-2021

Details: Product Description While obviously not really the diary of Jesus Christ, here is a first-person account of the life of Jesus by noted Jesuit playwright Bill Cain. The diary places us inside Jesus’s consciousness, where the spirit of discovery, surprise, learning, doubt, failure and growth is in sharp contrast to the canonical gospels where Jesus seems, from the start, self-assured and even predestined to fulfill his role. It is a bold attempt to understand the person whom more than two billion people claim as their savior. Review Some readers may be uncomfortable with a Jesus whose interior life is full of doubts and questions. This is not the triumphant King of Glory we may have pictured. But I wonder if it’s not a more scriptural understanding of Jesus, who, we’re told, was “gentle and humble in heart” (Matt. 11:29), who could “do nothing on his own” (John 5:19), and who showed us what it meant to “[empty] himself” (Phil. 2:7). In the Nicene Creed, we repeat that we believe Jesus was “true God” who became incarnate and “was made human.”In The Diary of Jesus Christ, Cain shows us what that might have looked like: a Jesus who is genuinely human as well as divine, an infinitely lovable Jesus who is “not done loving us yet”—because “heaven will not be complete” until each one of us is there with him.–—Ellyn Sanna, U.S.Catholic Magazine

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