The Covid Chronicles Paperback – July 26, 2021 by Stu Whitney

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Author: Whitney Stu

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“I backed toward the door, shaken by all that he knew about me, the position I put myself in. My family, my reputation, my career, maybe my life, all in the hands of these people. The worst part was that I wanted the same thing they wanted and had sunk to their depths to get it.”As coronavirus rages through South Dakota, a newspaper editor blasts the Republican governor’s hands-off approach while forming an ethically dubious alliance with a Democratic mayor. When the editor’s son joins a potential state champion football team and militia members attack the mayor’s policies, the editor is caught in the crossfire, exploring how far he can go before his own freedom is in doubt.
THE COVID CHRONICLES, a debut novel by award-winning journalist Stu Whitney, examines political partisanship and pandemic fatigue, probing the question of whether America returning to normal is as appealing as it seems.”Great writers raise and tell stories. Stu Whitney does very well.”– Jim Abbott, former University of South Dakota president and gubernatorial candidate

“In addition to the story itself, readers will appreciate Whitney’s insight into South Dakota and Sioux Falls history.” (Makenzie Huber, Sioux Falls Argus Leader, July 28)

“It’s no surprise, then, that I enjoyed every page of ‘The Covid Chronicles.’ I’m not an unbiased judge. I know just enough about Whitney and Sioux Falls to be held at attention more readily than a reader who comes in cold. But I’m not the only one who can say that, either. He has lived here three decades, raised his family here and written for the city’s lone daily newspaper the entire time, so those who know him and the Sioux Falls history that animates his narrative represent a small but not insignificant number.” (John Hult, Pigeon 605, Aug. 2)

“Whitney crafts a coherent story that works as the pandemic tale the title promises, a political thriller, and most importantly, a personal tragedy.” (Cory Heidelberger, Dakota Free Press, Aug. 3)

“Books like this serve a purpose greater than simple entertainment; they help bring understanding to our personal struggles in times of uncertainty. Brava, Mr. Whitney. Five Stars.” (Kelly Haynes, Reedsy, Aug. 17)

About the Author
Stu Whitney covered the Great Plains as acolumnist and editor at the Sioux Falls Argus Leader for three decades, earningnational recognition from the American Society of Newspaper Editors and theScripps Howard Foundation. This is the debut novel for the Michigan StateUniversity graduate, who lives in Sioux Falls with his wife, Lisa, and family.

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