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Rescue Meez: My Journey Through Siamese Rescue





“This book will leave you feeling that anything is possible when good people get together to make a difference.” Ingrid King, The Conscious Cat

“A delicious book” Tracie Hotchner,
“When you look at Rescue Meez, you think it’s about Siamese cats and rescuing them – very much a niche. But in reading it, you find it’s about finding one’s purpose in life, persevering and overcoming obstacles, cat welfare, and the resilience of both humans and cats. There is something for everyone and the true story is told with humor, reverence, appreciation, humility, and grace.Katherine Kern, Momma Kat and her Bear Cat

From the Author

This was a fun book to write – looking back on all the experiences I had and not only marveling at how much I learned, but gulping a bit at how naive I was. I hope you will laugh with me as you learn something about cats and cat behavior, the Siamese breed, and the world of animal rescue.

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