Monica’s Waltz Paperback – December 23, 2021 by Steven Atkins

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[296 Pages]

PUB:December 28, 2021


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Author: Atkins Steven

Package Dimensions: 19x203x390

Number Of Pages: 296

Release Date: 23-12-2021

Details: Monica is no superhero. Many would call her a coward. She ran from the wars, turning her best friend into her most bitter enemy. She has seen many horrors and committed a few herself. Assumed dead, she remained in hiding until the wars were over, only emerging once Reconstruction was nearly finished. Now, fifteen years later, she lives a comfortable life in Silver City until her only friend, Ashley, drags her to the Arena for a day of spectacle and her cover is blown.
Now Monica has a choice. Will she run again, leaving her only friend to fend for herself, or will she stay and answer for her crimes to save her friend from a fate worse than death?

Monica’s Waltz is a blended science fiction and fantasy tale centered on a woman who just wants to be left alone but her checkered past and her superhuman powers make that all but impossible.
Read this book if you enjoy any of the following: super powers, mega cities, mysterious pasts, bitter enemies, battle mech armor, beautiful gowns, and heartfelt goodbyes.

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