Measuring Behaviour (An Introductory Guide) 4th Edition by Melissa Bateson

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PUB:May 06, 2021


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Author: Bateson Melissa

Edition: 4

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Number Of Pages: 246

Release Date: 06-05-2021

Details: Product Description Measuring Behaviour is the established go-to text for anyone interested in scientific methods for studying the behaviour of animals or humans. It is widely used by students, teachers and researchers in a variety of fields, including biology, psychology, the social sciences and medicine. This new fourth edition has been completely rewritten and reorganised to reflect major developments in how behavioural studies are conducted. It includes new sections on the replication crisis, covering Open Science initiatives such as preregistration, as well as fully up-to-date information on the use of remote sensors, big data and artificial intelligence in capturing and analysing behaviour. The sections on the analysis and interpretation of data have been rewritten to align with current practices, with advice on avoiding common pitfalls. Although fully revised and revamped, this new edition retains the simplicity, clarity and conciseness that have made Measuring Behaviour a classic since the first edition appeared more than 30 years ago. Review ‘A brilliant new edition of this classic guide to studying both animal and human behaviour, it is also a wonderful introduction to the scientific method: asking questions; formulating testable hypotheses; designing a research programme; research ethics; the recording, statistical analysis and interpretation of data; sample sizes, replication and reliability; and how best to communicate the findings to both a scientific and a public audience. Inspiring reading for field and laboratory researchers in ethology, psychology, anthropology, social sciences and public health, and for policy makers, too, and especially timely now, with an analysis of how social networks influence group dynamics and the spread of ideas and diseases.’ Nick Davies, Professor of Behavioural Ecology, University of Cambridge, UK‘From choosing a study animal to designing an experiment, from recording data to writing publications, this superb little book succinctly captures everything that a budding researcher needs to know to do excellent behavioural research. Updated to incorporate new chapters on the replication crisis, ethics, and animal social groups, and broadened to cover human behaviour, the new edition of this much-valued classic is the best ever.’ Kevin N. Laland, Professor of Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology, University of St Andrews, UK‘The new Measuring Behaviour, in which Paul Martin is joined by Melissa Bateson, retains all the succinct crystal clarity of the previous editions and significantly extends its reach to include major new sections on the reproducibility crisis, ethical and legal considerations in research, and the use of modern technologies in data collection. Its lucidity and comprehensive scope mean that, more than ever, it should be the go-to reference for all those wishing to run behavioural studies.’ Mike Mendl, Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare, University of Bristol, UK‘Ever since its first edition in 1986, Measuring Behaviour has been an invaluable resource for anyone interested in recording, measuring and analysing how and why animals – including humans – do what they do. This newest edition is more useful than ever, an indispensable reference for students and established scientists alike. Melissa Bateson and Paul Martin have comprehensively revised and updated the volume, adding material to address important contemporary issues such as the replication crisis, the ethics of animal research, and how to manage the sometimes-complex publication process. This beautifully written ‘how to’ guide is a must read for researchers engaged in the study of behaviour.’ Stephen Nowicki, Professor of Biology, Psychology and Neurobiology, Duke University, USA‘An essential ‘how to’ guide to research in animal behaviour, this new updated edition goes through all the stages needed to achieve scientifically valid results from initial planning to presenting the final conclus

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