Managing the Soon to Retire Employee Paperback – April 7, 2018 by Gary Winters

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Author: Winters Gary

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Release Date: 07-04-2018

Details: Let’s face it. Once someone’s let it be known that they’re going to retire soon, things can get a little difficult for their boss. Sooners – that’s the name given to employees who have announced they’re going to retire within three years, are different from others in the organization. They’re probably older than their colleagues and their boss. They’re at the END of their career. Their best (professional) days may be behind them. They aren’t as focused on their job now; their attention is on the next phase of their life. Sooners are in the midst of a profound transition, from employee to retiree. They can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain. They might be moody, withdrawn, or irritable. All of which can add up to trouble for their manager, who still wants to see them be a productive contributor to the team. Are all Sooners problem employees? Of course not. But…For every Sooner out there who’s an amazing employee who will be dearly missed when they retire, there’s another somewhere who’s going to drive his or her manager crazy until the day they leave. For every Sooner who’s committed to working hard until that very last day, there’s another who’s completely burned out and actively counting the days. For every Sooner who remains curious and optimistic about changes on the horizon for the organization, there’s another who’s pessimistic and mired in the past. For every Sooner who wakes up eager to get to work, another dreads coming in. For every Sooner who’s self-reliant and autonomous, needing little attention from his or her manager, there’s one showing little or no initiative, doing just what they’re told and nothing more. There are Sooners who are quite proud of what they’ve accomplished in their career; there are Sooners who are disappointed with what they’ve achieved. No one knows how many Sooners are easy-to-manage employees, and how many are causing problems. But if you are managing a Sooner, and you’re apprehensive, uncertain, or even baffled how to bring out their best in the final years of their career, this book is for you. “How to Manage the Soon To Retire Employee” is the first book of it’s kind – a practical guide to deal with the issues associated with people who are about to retire. You’ll explore……why managing Sooners is fundamentally different from managing almost anyone else.…the three stages of transition, and what makes this particular change (from employee to retiree) unique. …why many Sooners meet their professional obligations without too much fuss during those final years, while others find looming retirement formidable and overwhelming. …why a “get tough and read ‘em the riot act” approach to a problem Sooner is likely to fail.…the paradigm shift you, as the manager, must take to successfully supervisor your Sooner.…the powerful management technique that helps you co-create, with your Sooner, a plan for his/her remaining time that will be rewarding and fulfilling for the Sooner, and results-oriented and productive for you. While there are thousands of books written for people about to retire, this may be the only book for people who manage soon-to-retire employees. Written in a casual, conversational style, “Managing the Soon To Retire Employee” will give you everything you need to know to move forward with confidence and grace. Just like in every “Just In Time” book, the focus is on one leadership skill – managing those who are about to retire – a small but critical subset of broader leadership competencies. You can be successful with Sooners. It won’t happen by chance, and it’s not a matter of pulling some management “trick” out of your hat. But you can learn how to do it, and you can apply what you’ve learned right away.

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