Letters From Uncle Dave: The 73-Year Journey to Find a Missing in Action World War II Paratrooper Paperback – September 22, 2020 by Phil Rosenkrantz


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Author: Rosenkrantz Phil

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Release Date: 22-09-2020

Details: Product Description A hero never came home from the war. Will his nephew’s painstaking twenty-year search finally offer the family closure?Phil Rosenkrantz never met his uncle. All he knew was that the fearless 82nd Airborne Paratrooper was marked MIA, and seventy-three years later he still didn’t know the brave man’s history… or where his remains lay. But his two-decade quest to bring his relative’s sacrifice to light would reveal startling epistles, detailed sketches, and the vivid humor of a man confronting a bitter fight for freedom.Letters From Uncle Dave: The 73-year Journey to Find a Missing-In-Action World War II Paratrooper is a meticulous account of Army Staff Sergeant David “Rosie” Rosenkrantz’s life and the unraveling of the mystery of his death. Featuring forty-nine surviving missives reprinted in the book, along with newspaper articles, military research sources, and interviews Phil conducted across the globe, you’ll gain unique insights into not just an intensely personal pursuit, but the unfolding of a horrendous global conflict. As one man’s mission to locate his uncle’s remains and bring them home comes to a close, you’ll be moved by the story of a humble paratrooper who gave everything in the name of liberty.In Letters From Uncle Dave, you’ll be touched by:An appreciation of the significant, lasting mental and emotional aftereffects of warStories of the courageous soldiers and friends who parachuted into perilous night skies, not knowing if it was their last jumpA detailed theme of the leadership strategies and tactics the Airborne Divisions employed to ensure success106 photos (50 in full color in eBook and hardback) that bring this extraordinary and dark era to lifePowerful accounts from eyewitnesses, maps and documents, appendices for further research, and much, much more!Letters From Uncle Dave is an intimate chronicle of the life and times of one heroic soldier and the agonizing search for resolution. If you like rich history, highly personal stories, and well-researched facts and figures, then you’ll love Phil Rosenkrantz’s dedicated narrative.Buy Letters From Uncle Dave to bring a world of conflict into focus today! Review This is a masterful weave of military history, family history, and insights into the means whereby we try to recover or identify our fallen. It was informative and poignant all at the same time…It would be a great thing if each of our veterans could be so appropriately memorialized! – Brigadier General John S. Brown (retired), former Historian of the ArmyPhil Rosenkrantz in “Letters From Uncle Dave” could not have written this WW II story any sooner, because it just recently ended. You must read this book. It is so much more than the title suggests. My cousin, S/Sgt Ross Carter, served in a sister company of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne with “Uncle Dave”, and honored their sacrifices in “Those Devils In Baggy Pants” published in 1951. It was binary. There were those heroes who didn’t make it. There were those who were “refugees from the law of averages” who did and came home. There was another group of heroes: Missing In Action. “Letters From Uncle Dave” is the story of one MIA who floated through time, bereft of a final resting place, and the journey of his family. Great job…I feel like Uncle Dave is my uncle, too. You have done a fabulous job blending all the parts of his life and the parts after his life ended to ensure that he will never be forgotten. In the Navy, we say Bravo Zulu or Well Done. – David Ross Fraley (cousin to author Ross Carter “Those Devils in Baggy Pants” about the 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment)What an amazing journey and wonderful story on so many levels! I cannot commend you enough on your perseverance to find out about your uncle’s story, to discover his remains, and to bring closure for you and your family…Hopefully, your book will be an inspiration to others who wish to discover their veteran’s story. – Bravo!

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