Kiss Me (The Keatyn Chronicles) Paperback – August 17, 2021 by Jillian Dodd

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Author: Dodd Jillian

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Author: Dodd Jillian

Package Dimensions: 32x203x472

Number Of Pages: 428

Release Date: 17-08-2021

Details: Keatyn has always written scripts for her perfect life, but there’s no way she could have ever scripted this. Her life is so far from perfect that it’s not even funny—all because of a stalker. Now, she’s at a boarding school, where she has to lie about who she is. She can’t see her family or Brooklyn. She’s tutoring a hottie god who tortures her with his smile. And the most popular girl already hates her. But there’s this boy. This sweet, adorable East Coast boy who likes Keatyn for who she is. So she decides to stop scripting her life and just live it. Because who knows how long she has left.