Introduction to Theology for Ministry





Author: Robinson Elaine A

Brand: United Methodist General Board of Higher Education

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Number Of Pages: 204

Release Date: 23-08-2017

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Written from a United Methodist perspective, this introduction begins, as did John Wesley, with scripture and an understanding of Jesus, who embodies ministry with theological integrity. From this starting point author, Elaine Robinson, moves to defining theology and how it developed. From there, Robinson lays out issues of method and language. In the final section, she systemically discusses basic doctrines of faith, including: God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Church, Last Things, and Humanity. This book is ideal for those who want to learn about the foundational beliefs of Christianity.
“Theology is among the greatest gifts that God has given to the ministry of the church. In fact, without theology there would be no ministry, no faith, no ability to think about and articulate the meaning of the living God at work in the world. Theology is the substance of our lives in God, whether we are conscious of its presence and function or largely unaware of its influence.” –from the book
This book is more than an excellent introduction to the study of theology. Elaine Robinson shows with clarity and insight why theological reflection is essential to faithful and effective ministry.
Henry H. (Hal) Knight III

This is a most helpful introduction volume for those just starting in ministyr or those who need to review and expand their capacity for deliberative theological reflection.
Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster

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