Introducing Photonics 1st Edition by Brian Culshaw

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PUB:September 10, 2020


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Author: Culshaw Brian

Brand: Cambridge University Press

Edition: 1

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Release Date: 01-07-2020

Details: Product Description The essential guide for anyone wanting a quick introduction to the fundamental ideas underlying photonics. The author uses his forty years of experience in photonics research and teaching to provide intuitive explanations of key concepts, and demonstrates how these relate to the operation of photonic devices and systems. Readers will gain insight into the nature of light and the ways in which it interacts with materials and structures, and learn how these basic ideas are applied in areas such as optical systems, 3D imaging and astronomy. Carefully designed worked examples and end-of-chapter problems enable students to check their understanding, with full solutions available online. Mathematical treatments are kept as simple as possible, allowing readers to grasp even the most complex of concepts. Clear, concise and accessible, this is the perfect guide for undergraduate students taking a first course in photonics, and anyone in academia or industry wanting to review the fundamentals. Review ‘Professor Brian Culshaw has written a non-mathematical textbook that introduces the fundamentals of how light interacts with matter and reviews many of the diverse applications of optical systems in everyday life. This book is thus written at a level appropriate for undergraduate science or engineering students. Although advanced mathematical concepts are invoked … mathematical derivations are avoided and simple explanations are used throughout the book. The author reviews the interactions between light and matter … and then considers how the length scale of structures or features in matter can influence this interaction … a review of the many applications of photonics, ranging from lighting, digital communication, to even metal welding and cutting … Hence Introducing Photonics manages to successfully convey the diversity, excitement, and impact of photonic applications in modern society, without the mathematical details.’ Kent D. Choquette, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign‘In a rather crowded field of books on photonics, this one stands out in a few ways. First, although the text does not shy away from including the relevant mathematical equations, the focus is on conceptually understanding the phenomena-keeping the mathematical aspects as accessible as possible. Second, the book is written by a longstanding contributor to photonics research, from the vantage point of his 40 years in the field … There are helpful hints at the end of the book on how to go about solving the challenges, and the reader who takes the time to engage with them and with this book will emerge with a much deeper understanding of the field … the conversational and easy to follow writing style, as well as some applications of photonics that might surprise … This is an excellent book for the professional as well as for the student looking to learn about photonics.’ Bogdan Hoanca, Optics and Photonics News’Brian Culshaw of Strathclyde University has been a long-time contributor to both photonics and ultrasonics. This book, Introducing Photonics, shares with the reader some of the knowledge about photonics the author has accumulated over his long career. The book contains much more on the optical properties of materials than many other books on this subject. I recommend the book to anyone who would like to benefit from the author’s experience teaching photonics and performing cutting-edge research in this field.’ Joseph Goodman, Stanford University’The book that we were waiting for! The book that only a few very experienced people world-wide are capable to write! The book that we were waiting for to understand and/or clarify key photonic concepts in very easy, efficient and effective way! A key book for beginnings into the science and technology of light (photonics). It is an excellent tool for undergraduate students that aim to get a rapid, clear and effective view of photonic essential concepts, that also works for anyone to

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