Homemade Pasta Dough: How to make pasta dough for the best pasta dough recipe including pasta dough for ravioli and other fresh pasta dough recipe ideas Paperback – July 29, 2012 by Elisabetta Parisi

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PUB:  July 29, 2012

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Author: Parisi Elisabetta

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Edition: 6/29/12

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Number Of Pages: 116

Release Date: 29-07-2012

Details: Product Description
Making your own pasta is a very satisfying way to spend your time in the kitchen. The rewards come from both the effort that you put in and the fantastic new tastes that you can create for your family and friends at meal time. Homemade Pasta Dough explains how to make many different kinds of pasta from the raw ingredients. The book explains how to make pasta dough both by hand and using various machines to help cut down the work involved. Fresh pasta made at home is a very healthy option and there are lots of ways that you can vary the pasta dough you make. This will then add life to your pasta meals. The book contains details of mixing, rolling, cutting, stuffing and shaping your pasta. This is an updated and extended version of the original popular book with lots of new pasta dough recipes which will extend your pasta repertoire. There are also more details on stuffed pastas such as ravioli and tortellini as well as dessert style pasta. Also now included, are example recipes showing where the different pasta doughs and shapes can be used. Contents: Introduction Using machines or making pasta by hand? The basic pasta dough recipe Making the dough by hand Rolling the dough by hand Using a mixer to make the dough Rolling the dough using a machine Semolina based pasta as an aid to nutrition Pasta Dough recipe using all purpose flour Pasta dough recipe without eggs Colored pasta Green pasta Red pasta Dark red or purple pasta Other colors for pasta Herb pasta Roasted capsicum pepper pasta Lemon pasta Lemon and black pepper pasta Lemon and Parsley Pasta Pasta with saffron Egg noodle pasta Pasta dough made from whole wheat Fresh Lasagna Pasta Fresh Fettuccine pasta Dessert Pasta Chocolate Pasta Storing home made pasta Preparing pasta shapes by hand Using a machine to cut and shape pasta The best uses for different pasta shapes Stuffed Pasta Pasta dough recipe for ravioli Tortellini with a spinach and ricotta filling Agnolotti stuffed with beef and spinach Cappelletti stuffed with prosciutto, sausage and chicken Fresh pasta dough meal recipes Conclusion
About the Author
Elisabetta Parisi knows about pasta and it is her passion for pasta over the year that has resulted in the production of this book. Pasta is in her blood and in her genes. In Italy pasta is a part of life and this shows in the energy and skill that Elisabetta puts into her cooking. Good pasta means starting with the right ingredients and then making everything from scratch. Add to this the know how passed down through generations and you have the contents of this book. If you are new to homemade pasta then this is the perfect place to start. You may think that making pasta is hard but this book soon puts your mind at rest so that you can get on with the cooking. It contains basic information on flours that you can use for pasta; the different ways of mixing and rolling the dough; how to shape the pasta and of course how to cook it. The first version of this book released on Kindle was a much shorter production which concentrated on the accurate making of a limited number of pasta doughs. This book was praised for being short, sweet and to the point. Many people bought the book and it proved to be very popular in the Italian section where it quickly became number 1 in the top 100 books sold. Based on this success, Elisabetta has reviewed and extended the material in the original book so that it contains far more pasta dough ideas including how to produce a variety of stuffed pasta and dessert pasta. This then resulted in the version of the book currently published as a paperback and on Kindle as well. Elisabetta is skilled in the cooking of a variety of other Italian dishes as well as a number of other European styles and this has resulted in the production of a number of other Kindle releases that you may be interested in: Panini Recipes. Penne Pasta Recipes. Bruschetta Recipe. Tapas Recipes. Mushroom Recipes. Ground Turkey Recipe

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