Gods and Heroes: Mythology Around the World Hardcover – Illustrated, August 21, 2018 by Korwin Briggs

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[304 Pages]

PUB:August 21, 2018


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Author: Briggs Korwin

Brand: Workman Publishing Company

Edition: Illustrated


  • Book – gods and heroes: mythology around the world
  • Language: english
  • Binding: hardcover

Format: Illustrated

Package Dimensions: 21x261x839

Number Of Pages: 304

Release Date: 21-08-2018

Details: Product Description Meet the Original Superheroes.  Before there was Batman, Wonder Woman, or Black Panther…there was Indra, Hindu king of gods, who battled a fearsome snake to save the world from drought. Athena, the powerful Greek goddess of wisdom who could decide the fate of battles before they even began. Okuninushi, the Japanese hero who defeated eighty brothers to become king and then traded it all for a chance at immortality.  Featuring more than 70 characters from 23 cultures around the world, this A-to-Z encyclopedia of mythology is a who’s who of powerful gods and goddesses, warriors and kings, enchanted creatures and earthshaking giants whose stories have been passed down since the beginning of time—and are now given fresh life for a new generation of young readers.  Plus, You’ll Learn All About:Dragons: The Hydra, St. George’s Dragon, and the Australian Rainbow SnakeGiants: Grendel, Balor of the Evuil Eye, Polyphemus, and the Purusha with the thousand headsMonsters: Manticore, Sphinx, Minotaur, Thunderbird, and Echidne, mother of the Nemean lion that nearly killed HeraclesUnderworlds: Travel to Hades, Valhalla, and the Elysian Fields About the Author Korwin Briggs is a writer and illustrator who grew up in a small town halfway between Philadelphia and Amish country. He went to an old Quaker boarding school where he shot lots of nerf guns and then to the Rhode Island School of Design where he drew lots of chickens. Since graduating, he’s been working as a professional freelance artist in a couple of different cities (currently New York).

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