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Girl Blood Sport: Smokin’ & Tokin’ [Blu-ray]


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A Nightmare you’ll never forget! #GirlBloodSport, written and directed by #KelceyCoe.

Chaos follows a deadly duo of maniac assassins after they host a brutal, no-holds-barred tournament inside a sinister steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire after luring hungry, aspiring models into the backwoods of Columbus, Ohio with a prize too good to be true. Just as they turn the tide on each other, a mysterious and haunting violent vixen, literally with an ax to grind threatens their status as deadly assassins in this blood-soaked, sweat-drenched nightmare you’ll never forget. Inspired by shockingly true events.

We are proud to offer you something to smoke and toke to… but we sorry… you gotta get your own weed, man!

Intensify your high by watching these crazy, colorized versions of Girl Blood Sport: “420 Blaze” and “Peace & Love!”

Oh… and don’t forget the snacks, dude!

This special edition of Girl Blood Sport contains:

  • Two 25GB Blu-ray discs, each with a different colorized version of the film, Girl Blood Sport
  • Screaming 1440x1080p 16:9 HD resolution/aspect ratio
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound audio lets you FEEL the intensity of all the action!
  • Scene/chapter index to find your favorite fights or brutal finishes!
  • Cannabis customized artwork (on the disc for the DVD)
  • Girl Blood Sport is rated TV-14.
  • Girl Blood Sport is F-Rated by the Bath Film Festival.
  • Runtime: 131 minutes

Please consume marijuana responsibly and legally. We do not condone illegal or illicit drug use.

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Rated: NR Format: Blu-ray


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