Four Fantastic Tales From Tunisia: The Couscous Genie and other folktales Paperback – June 16, 2013 by Mohamed Bacha

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PUB: June 16, 2013

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Author: Bacha Mohamed

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Number Of Pages: 86

Release Date: 16-06-2013

Details: Four original Tunisian tales selected from the rich oral literature. Inspired and adapted from marvellous folktales told by the very popular Tunisian storyteller: Abdelaziz El Aroui, in the 60s/70s. Sabra and Sultan : In ‘Ayoun Essid’, an isolated Tunisian village, where locals communicate mainly through proverbs lived Sabra, an ambitious and idealist girl. After a divorce, she flees her village and the malicious gossip to live with a lion with mysteriously humane eyes. Together, they found the utmost happiness and enjoyment; a semi-human, semi- animal life. Sabra tried to satisfy Sultan’s inner longing to be a Man! But she was also satisfying her own old desire for The Perfect Happiness. Was she wise to do so? Didn’t she escape ‘The World of Men?’ An oral tale adapted to written English, keeping the magical spirit of the original. The story is built around a core Tunisian proverb: ‘Malicious words dwell in the heart…’, infused with other proverbs: each proverb playing a crucial role in the plot. The Couscous Genie: Yet another story where a genie realizes wishes. However, this Genie is really unconventional and is typically Tunisian as he comes out of a Couscous steamer! The Hanged man and The Dead Girl relates the strange circumstances of a love story in the old Medina. A bizarre and almost supernatural story. The Great And Marvelous Akarek is an original tunisian adaptation of a well-known story: A frail tailor who, after accidentally killing seven flies, is extremely proud of his strength and goes through a journey full of hilarious adventures!

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