Finding Rest: A Survivor’s Guide to Navigating the Valleys of Anxiety, Faith, and Life Paperback – September 28, 2021 by Jonathon Seidl

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PUB: September 28, 2021

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Author: Seidl Jonathon

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“Jon knows, better than most, what it means to battle anxiety and how to forge a path to victory. He also treats it with care, and pushes the conversation to places that it hasn’t often gone in the church.”–Kirk Cameron

“A practical, spiritually driven primer on dealing with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression. . . . Excellent advice. . . . [A] cogent, revealing guide.”–Publishers Weekly

In the aftermath of the pandemic, even those who have never struggled with mental health have found themselves reeling, looking for answers they don’t know how to find. For Christians, especially those who’ve despaired of help from a church that has too often stigmatized poor mental health as a lack of faith, the way forward can be particularly difficult to see.

Jonathon Seidl aims to fix that. Having fought his own way through crippling anxiety, life-altering OCD, and suicidal thoughts, he knows the value of concrete advice grounded in strong biblical truth. Instead of the trite or unsympathetic counsel that’s too often given,
Finding Rest is practical, personal, and productive. Full of compelling stories, humor from a guide who’s still on his journey, and scriptural truths, this book offers real hope and help. It also provides a lifeline for friends and family who long for ways to help relieve the suffering of their loved ones. And it calls to account the church for its historical treatment of mental health and lays out thoughtful, needed paths for the body of Christ to become a refuge of hope for the anxious.


“If you’re searching for peace, calm, and relief from anxiety,
Finding Rest will help you find those, not just because of what the book focuses on but because of who it focuses on. True rest will never be found outside of the One who created it, and that person is Jesus Christ. Jon’s found that to be true. I’ve found that to be true. And I believe, through reading this book, you will too.” — Kirk Cameron, actor and producer of Revive Us Published On: 2021-06-09

Finding Rest, Jon Seidl offers significant help to those suffering from mental health issues and those caring for loved ones who do. Having known Jon as both his pastor and friend, I know this book has been birthed out of a deep conviction to address a topic that sadly has often been shunned in Christian circles. I admire his courage and believe this is a great resource for the church. Jon draws on Scripture and his own experiences to help people unashamedly plot a healthy course through the murky waters of mental health issues. Honest, practical, realistic, and full of hope, this book points us to Jesus, the One who gives us rest for our souls.” — Afshin Ziafat, lead pastor of Providence Church, and council member for The Gospel Coalition Published On: 2021-06-09

“All Christians need to understand a truly biblical perspective about mental health issues like anxiety, OCD, and depression. Jon shares that brilliantly and carefully here, supported by his stories of his own challenges, decisions, and great victories. Your view of God, His love for you, and your trials will change in all the best ways when you read this. You may feel known for the first time. If you’re the friend of someone who struggles, you’ll understand them and their doubts more than ever before. Everyone will find compassion and great hope, practical power and spiritual inspiration, in these pages. You won’t be overwhelmed or shamed. In a perfect world, everyone would read this book.” — Dr Kathy Koch, founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc., and author of Five to Thrive Published On: 2021-06-09

“There’s often an unfortunate hesitancy among Christians to admit that we, too, battle anxiety and depression. The quest for perfection and the confusion that can envelope us is often overwhelming, even suffocating. But in
Finding Rest, Jon Seidl offers a raw and selfless look at his own struggles and victories, sending us on a thought-provoking journey toward ou

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