Choosing Courage: The Everyday Guide to Being Brave at Work Hardcover – May 18, 2021 by Jim Detert


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PUB: May 18, 2021

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An inspirational, practical, and research-based guide for embracing risk and making a powerful impact at work.

Have you ever wanted to disagree with your boss in a meeting? Speak up about your company’s lack of diversity or unequal pay practices? Make a tough decision that you know will be unpopular?

We all have opportunities to be courageous at work. But since courage requires risk—to our reputations, our social standing, and, in some cases, our jobs—we often fail to act, which leaves us feeling powerless and regretful for not doing what we know is right. There’s a better way to work and live—and Choosing Courage provides the moral imperative and research-based tactics to help you make better use of your courageous instincts at work.

Doing for courage what Angela Duckworth has done for grit and Brene Brown for vulnerability, Jim Detert, the world’s foremost expert on workplace courage, explains that courage isn’t a character trait that only a few possess; it’s a virtue developed through practice. And, with the right attitude and approach, you can learn to hone it like any other skill and incorporate it into your everyday life.

Full of stories of ordinary people who’ve acted courageously Choosing Courage will give you a fresh perspective on the power of voicing your authentic ideas and opinions. Whether you’re looking to make a mark, stay true to your values, act with more integrity, or simply want to grow as a professional, this is the guide you need to achieve greater impact at work.

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