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Be Brave in the Scared: How I Learned to Trust God during the Most Difficult Days of My Life





“Anyone who knows Mary Lenaburg knows that she is a force. She is tender and fierce, vulnerable and brave, compassionate and wise, and she has poured all of those qualities into this book. If ever you’ve found yourself, amidst the challenges of life, struggling to breathe, find hope, or see the face of God, Be Brave in the Scared is for you.” —Hallie Lord, SiriusXM radio host and author of On the Other Side of Fear

Everyone should read this book. Mary is so funny and real and her words will break your heart open in the best possible way. Through her beautifully conveyed stories, she reminds us that pain will always be a part of living, but that love always wins.” —Jennifer Fulwiler, SiriusXM radio host and author of Something Other than God

“Powerful, profound, and deeply moving, Mary Lenaburg’s first book offers readers a front-row seat on her family’s journey from brokenness, loss, and grief to healing, redemption, and joy. For anyone who has ever struggled with trusting God’s plan, Be Brave in the Scared will leave you feeling hopeful and encouraged in your faith. I couldn’t put it down; a must-read!” —Heather Renshaw, Catholic speaker and author

“Mary Lenaburg is much beloved for her warmth and her wit. She brings both to this book, tackling really tough topics with a clear-eyed look at sin and suffering. Mary shines hope and grace into the dark places, and she offers tangible support and encouragement to those who find themselves there. Readers of this book will turn and face their own hard challenges with a sense that they can, indeed, be both brave enough and strong enough to keep step with God.” —Elizabeth Foss, Founder of Take Up And Read and coauthor of Small Steps for Catholic Moms

“A fierce and authentic disciple of Christ, Mary Lenaburg is a truth-seeker and a truth-speaker who shares with a vulnerability that took my breath away. In Be Brave in the Scared, Mary offers the deepest parts of her heart to inspire, to challenge, and to change you. If you find yourself struggling to see God or you desire a real and true relationship with him, read this book and be changed.” —Kathryn Whitaker, Catholic blogger

“Mary Lenaburg is such a good storyteller that you will be tempted to race through the chapters just to find out what happened next—but you’d be cheating yourself. Be Brave in the Scared was written for your sake to give you a step-by-tiny-step pathway to trust in God through the storms and struggles, betrayals and failures that can overwhelm anyone. Gently, Mary opens the way for readers to begin to name their own personal challenges and lay them before a tender and almighty Father.” —Sr. Anne Flanagan, F.S.P., Catholic author, blogger, and speaker

About the Author

Mary Lenaburg is a full-time author and Catholic speaker who has given keynotes at conferences across the country, including The Edel Gathering, the Diocese of Grand Rapids Women’s Conference, Mary’s Mantle Breakfast, and at the Northwest Catholic Women’s Conference in Oregon. A writer with Take Up & Read, her work has appeared in five meditation books. She also has contributed to two other books.

She has appeared on Catholic radio and podcasts, including The Jennifer Fulwiler Show, The Hallie Lord Show, Fountains of Carrots, and Girlfriends. Lenaburg serves her home parish in many roles, including catechist, sacristan, and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.

She and her husband, Jerry, live in Fairfax, Virginia, with their son, Jonathan. Their daughter, Courtney, passed away in 2014.

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