Apostle Paul: Passionate Discipleship (Jesuswalk Bible Study) Paperback – August 5, 2019 by Ralph F. Wilson

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PUB: August 05, 2019


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Author: Wilson Ralph F.

Brand: JesusWalk Publications

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Number Of Pages: 330

Release Date: 05-08-2019

Details:      The Apostle Paul is one of the most important teachers in the New Testament, authoring a large portion of the New Testament. His life and letters have guided, inspired, encouraged, and challenged the church for two millennia. But what makes Paul tick? The author contends that Paul’s essential genius lies in his passion to know Jesus deeply and intimately.
We can get ahold of this passion by exploring Paul’s life and ministry over the course of 11 lessons. The narrative of the Book of Acts forms the basis of a chronological account of his life, with biographical elements included from Paul’s letters. In addition, each lesson examines one or more of Paul’s passions and key teachings, and how they can impact a believer’s life, values, and commitments today. Some of these include:
•   Salvation by grace through faith, rather than by strict observance of the Law.
•   The passion to proclaim Jesus despite opposition and persecution.
•   Being totally surrendered to Christ, in Paul’s words, “Crucified with Christ.”
•   Knowing Jesus intimately — in a way that surpasses everything else.
Initially developed as an online study, this book is ideal for personal spiritual development, use by teachers and small group leaders, and for sermon development.

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