Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch, 1) Paperback – October 1, 2013 by Ann Leckie

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PUB: October 01, 2013

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Author: Leckie Ann

Brand: Orbit

Edition: Later Printing


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Package Dimensions: 36x206x363

Number Of Pages: 416

Release Date: 01-10-2013

Details: Product Description WINNER OF THE HUGO, NEBULA, AND ARTHUR C. CLARKE AWARDSThe record-breaking debut novel that won every major science fiction award, Ancillary Justice is Ann Leckie’s powerful and thought provoking story of a warship trapped in a human body and her search for revenge. A must read for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin and James S. A. Corey. “There are few who write science fiction like Ann Leckie can. There are few who ever could.” —John ScalziOn a remote, icy planet, the soldier known as Breq is drawing closer to completing her quest.Once, she was the Justice of Toren—a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of soldiers in the service of the Radch, the empire that conquered the galaxy.Now, an act of treachery has ripped it all away, leaving her with one fragile human body, unanswered questions, and a burning desire for vengeance.”MIND-BLOWING.” —io9.com”THRILLING, MOVING AND AWE-INSPIRING.” —Guardian”UTTER PERFECTION, 10/10.” —The Book Smugglers”ASTOUNDINGLY ASSURED AND GRACEFUL.” —Strange Horizons”ESTABLISHES LECKIE AS AN HEIR TO BANKS.” —Elizabeth BearThe Imperial Radch trilogy begins with Ancillary Justice, continues in Ancillary Sword and concludes with Ancillary Mercy Review “Unexpected, compelling and very cool. Ann Leckie nails it…I’ve never met a heroine like Breq before. I consider this a very good thing indeed.”―John Scalzi”Ancillary Justice is the mind-blowing space opera you’ve been needing…This is a novel that will thrill you like the page-turner it is, but stick with you for a long time afterward.”―io9.com (included in ‘This Fall’s Must-Read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books’)”It’s not every day a debut novel by an author you’d never heard of before derails your entire afternoon with its brilliance. But when my review copy of Ancillary Justice arrived, that’s exactly what it did. In fact, it arrowed upward to reach a pretty high position on my list of best space opera novels ever.”―Liz Bourke”Establishes Leckie as an heir to Banks and Cherryh.”―Elizabeth Bear”A double-threaded narrative proves seductive, drawing the reader into the naive but determined protagonist’s efforts to transform an unjust universe. Leckie uses…an expansionist galaxy-spinning empire [and] a protagonist on a single-minded quest for justice to transcend space-opera conventions in innovative ways. This impressive debut succeeds in making Breq a protagonist readers will invest in, and establishes Leckie as a talent to watch.”―Publishers Weekly “By turns thrilling, moving and awe-inspiring.”―The Guardian”Leckie does a very good job of setting this complex equation up… This is an altogether promising debut.”―Kirkus”Using the format of SF military adventure blended with hints of space opera, Leckie explores the expanded meaning of human nature and the uneasy balance between individuality and membership in a group identity. Leckie is a newcomer to watch as she expands on the history and future of her new and exciting universe.”―Library Journal”Leckie’s debut gives casual and hardcore sci-fi fans alike a wonderful read.”―RT Book Reviews”A sharply written space opera with a richly imagined sense of detail and place, this debut novel from Ann Leckie works as both an evocative science fiction tale and an involving character study…it’s also a strongly female-driven piece, tackling ideas about politics and gender in a way that’s both engaging and provocative…Ancillary Justice is a gripping read that’s well worth a look.”―SFX (UK)”It engages, it excites, and it challenges the way the reader views our world. Leckie may be a former Secretary of the Science Fiction Writers of America, but she’s the President of this year’s crop of debut novelists. Ancillary Justice might be the best science fiction novel of this very young decade.”―Justin Landon Staffer’s Book Review”Total gamechanger. Get it, read it, wish to hell you’d written it. Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice may well be the most importan

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