Experiencing Jesus Through Communion: A 40-Day Prayer Journey to Unlock the Deeper Power of the Lord’s Supper Paperback – 2021 by Beni Johnson

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There is miraculous power in the sacrament of communion.

More than a religious ritual, communion is a doorway into untapped realms of God’s glory and miracle-working power.

In this 40-day prayer and devotional experience, Beni and Bill Johnson take you on a prayer journey through the Lord’s supper as it is revealed in Scripture.

Discover communion as…

  • A sacred place of intimacy with God.
  • A weapon of spiritual warfare.
  • A prophetic act that creates dynamic change.
  • A catalyst for total healing.

Join Beni and Bill Johnson on this journey of rediscovery, and open yourself to a powerful encounter with the living God!

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